Prefabricated or Cast-in-place Building System

NEW Prefabricated or Cast-in-place Building System In The Philippines

The Waffle Box Building Technology is an alternative prefabricated or cast-in-place building system that aims to solve the following pressing problems of any country:

  1. The destructive effects of climate change like frequent flooding, strong typhoons, extreme temperatures; freezing in the northern and southern hemisphere and heat in tropical, middle east and African countries;
  2. Natural and man-made calamities like strong earthquake, hurricane, tornado, sand storm, snow storm, tidal wave, flooding, fire or even war;
  3. Destruction of natural resources like cutting of trees, quarrying and mining as a result of construction boom and economic progress;
  4. Long construction periods, unpredictable quality, wastage of materials and man-hours due to use of the traditional post/slab/beam system which are poured on site including the repetitive hauling of materials and manpower up and down the building sites;
  5. Backlog in affordable housing, schools and offices as a result of fast growing population, rapid urbanization and migration due

to improving economies;

  1. Seemingly higher construction cost due to inflation, scarce and expensive land in urban centers as a result of booming economies; and
  2. Lack of skilled workers because of higher pay in overseas jobs and migration to host countries that need their skills.

Waffle box  is designed with stilt foundation, concrete roof deck and micro portal frames. These properties mitigate the destructive effects of climate change, man-made and natural disasters like flood, fire, typhoon, earthquake, storm surge, tidal wave, hurricane, tornado, snow, and sand storm among others.

Waffles can receive insulation that results in lower electric bills both for cold and temperate countries. Insulation works against heat, freezing temperature and noise. Thinner walls have less thermal mass, hence quicker to cool.

Waffle box is also green and sustainable. It is resilient, expandable and transferable. It uses less cement and steel which means less pollution and carbon footprint to produce them.

Waffle box has thinner walls and slabs hence lighter with lesser cement and steel. Reduced usage of raw materials like gravel (raw material for concrete), lime (raw material for cement) and iron or manganese (raw materials for steel) means lesser destruction of our mountains.

Waffle box is an industrial building system that does not use wood for fabrication and installation.

Waffle box is mass-produced in factories under controlled working condition. The standard steel form produces quality and uniform boxes. It is pre-finished and plug-in units. Most of the works are done at ground level. It is fast and hedges against fast rising cost of construction and controls project cost overruns.

The repetitive hauling up and down of materials and workers in project sites (especially for high-rise buildings) is eliminated.

Waffle box has thinner and lighter wall and slab but equally stronger and highly resistant to earthquake and other building loads. It uses less cement and steel hence cheaper.  It is mass produced and fast.  It is best for double loaded designed building (common hallway and stair), that reduces cost while increase building occupancies.

Waffle box is an industrial building system. It utilizes more machines and less manpower. Being repetitive, the learning curve is shorter.

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