Solidcon Construction Philippines Client Testimonials

…Some Testimonials…

1. There is no question but that the box construction method using poured concrete and steel formers is far superior in our view to the traditional hollow block approach in terms of speed, finishing and strength.
Additionally I think we were about the first customers to request the insulation layer in the centre of the wall. The difference between internal and external temperature is enormous. So great that, though we do run our AC a bit, fans are often perfectly adequate. And our average monthly bill is around P4,000 which for a house of this size is quite amazing. We have relations who have an old hollow block one bedroom house and a through the wall AC who have bills of P10,000 a month. Costwise I think there is a balance between hollow block and poured concrete but the latter requires half as much labour and there no need for plastering of internal or external walls. So on all counts in our view: speed, quality and cost, the poured concrete product wins every time.

2. In terms of operational/ technical knowledge SOLIDCON seems have the right senior personnel and project team personnel for every heading be it construction engineering, design, electrics, plumbing, project management or whatever. Maybe as we look back we would say that perhaps less changing of the project manager might have been an improvement but I think your argument was that there were different project manager skills required for each stage and project managers tended to have their specialism(s).

3. Office and management support were always very good in that any queries we had were answered efficiently and professionally.

4. In overview we were very pleased with the work that SOLIDCON did for us and very lucky that the UK pound was around P80 at the time, not the P66 it is now. Maybe we would be less ambitious now. But I think it is easy to overlook something very special about what you did for us and that is you built our dream home. Not ‘just any standard house on subdivision but something that is exclusive to us and something our visitors still say WOW! about every time they come here. Everyone on you team is easy to get on with. You are all very professional. Your command of English is first rate. Above all you know what you’re doing. You have the right experience. Every project is approached with great enthusiasm to deliver something as close to what the customer wants as possible. Quite rightly you stand your ground if there’s something that we want but from an engineering perspective it is not safe. Also we know you stand firmly against making payments to city engineers for issuing building permits soyour values and moral code are high. You also addressed the minor issues we found after we took delivery of the house.

I think that’s it in terms of our own experience of SOLIDCON.

Best regards to you and the team. Do call in and see us if your every up this way.

We would be interested to know what has been happening since you built our home and swimming pool.

Andy Hyner, Gina, Nathan (almost 2) & Justin Hyner (almost 5)


We have built for the following Expats and OFW’s:

– Brunner Residence – Iloilo City
– Lagarde Residence – Cebu City
– Lovdal Residence – Argao, Cebu
– Victor Residence – Laoag City
– Sharf Residence – Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte
– Van Hoek Residence – Badian, Cebu
– Van Vliet Residence – Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
– Hyner Residence – Santiago City, Isabela
– Tamayo Residence – Santiago City, Isabela
– Veraart Residence – Surigao City
– Lukas Residence – Ormoc City
– Adolfsson Residence – San Jose, Antique
– Lowe Residence – Tagaytay
– Hibberd Residence – Riviera Golf and Residential Estates
– Dandrea Residence – Tagaytay
– Traeger Residence, Mexico, Pampanga
– Scroggin Residence – Angeles City, Pampanga
– Garcias Residence – Sta. Maria, Bulacan
– Pascual Residence – Metrogate Silang
– Duldulao Residence – Laoag City
– Priestnal Pool – Lubao, Pampanga
– Chin Residence – Makati
– Halpern Residence – Alabang Hills
– Aitken Residence – Southwoods Subd.
– Castillo Residence – Calamba
– Olsen Residence – Tysan, Batangas
– Lowe Residence – Tagaytay
– Lyons Residence – Tanza, Cavite


As you know I contacted several contractors as well as yourself.  However, I want you to know after giving it so much thought and doing research on-line and finally finding a mutual friend (*Andy Hyner*) who we’ve become close friends, I then selected you as the person that Ester and I want to work with.

While Andy and I were on-line last night (after I sent my previous email to you), he wrote some wonderful words about you and I thought I would pass them on to you.  I quote:  “*Good to hear you have decided to put your faith in Jerry. Please let him know about our discussions and my expressions of support for him and his team. Building a new home is never without its problems but I think with Jerry you are in fairly safe hands. He will also go to a lot of trouble to satisfy your design needs. They are certainly not a cooky cutter outfit. No standard moulds, just a technique for building with concrete rather than the traditional hollow block. He will also recommend better fittings like door handles, locks, toilet components etc. Like American Standard for instance. We went along with his recommendations and have not been disappointed*”, end of quote.

While doing research on your website, I don’t remember seeing any testimonials from customers that you did business with, but I firmly believe that if you had testimonials like the one from Andy, it would definitely help you to get even more business than you have.

Ester and I always commend people that have gone above and beyond the call of duty when they (other companies that we’ve become associated with) have helped us. 

Warm Regards, Paul


…another testimonial for a contractor in the Philippines…

Hello Jerry   I sent 37000 piso monday 6.August 2012 from my bank to you, You should have the money by now or maybe tomorrow.   I liked that you fixed the problems with the watertank and shower fixtures. And that the price for the house was exactly the same as in the contract.   Regards Kjell-R.L.



August 28, 2012


I have inserted all of my questions/comments below in red. I realize some questions will have to be taken by Avon and some by Jerry and Nick. That should be obvious, I hope. If not let me know.

I also realize that cost will determine the final size of house and options chosen and that changes will most likely have to be made once a style of house is decided upon and its size in sq mtr.

Jerry/Nick thanks again for the very thorough inspection and the details you went into for obtaining all the information and requirements.

Avon thanks again for all you have done to assist the inspection team and everything you have done prior to their arrival.

I respect all of you as top professionals in your professions.


Robert (Bob) Haman


Hello Jerry,

Many, many thanks for the report !
Partially, very detailed about the surroundings, which is usefull for someone who has never seen or visited the place … ?
Also on an island, transport ( from any kind )  is of major importance.
Nevertheless, I am impressed and convinced of the professionalism of your company, so far !


Hi Jerry,

Many, many thanks for the worksheet-file.
With this document, so detailed, any item is known as brand, amount, price,…
You really can have peace in mind during construction with a “scope” like this.
I will spend some extra time on this document and come back to you by the end of the week, on how we can proceed in our co-operation.

Best regards,
Marc T
Wilma C


Hi sir,
Happy new year!
Hope this will help……
1. Product – cant say anything against you, I like it, very thankful that new
technology like insulation was offered to us, i also appreciate the fact
that your people are dynamic, always eager and ready to learn and advice
new way of doing things.
2. Operations – again, i cant complain, all people i’ve met were very
knowledgeable and competent (and i am very strict about this), what i also like is that the team is very flexible, meaning my wishes were entertained and done even if it was not in the orig contract.
3. Office & management
 – this i think needs improvement, i feel that office people are a bit
kulang hence sometimes coordination of orders and supplies gets delayed.
4. General overview
 – what attract me to sign with your company is the sincerity of people
that i met, good people will always be the key, i hope it can be
maintained….also, i appreciate the professionalism, good work ethics
shown by people i dealt with (engr jerry, jo, herson , arch nick and others)
– i also appreciate that you dont sacrifice quality just so to please your
clients, example, when i got a window contractor which were unknown to you, you went out of your way to check on their past jobs and scrutinize….my friend who saw what you did was actually amazed…..i hope that practice will be continued….
– no construction is perfect, i’ve found out that dealing with construction
workers is very hard hence, may palpak talaga kahit saan but i am very
thankful that your after sales so far is very good, thank you sir!! We are
still finding small problems in the house but we are secured because you have our trust.
Sent from my iPad


Hi Jerry,

First of all, I would like to thank you  and your team ( Nick, Bien and
Jo ) for your great efforts in the speedy
realization of my house construction project. I was very much impressed
on your professionalism, expertise and
teamwork making everything possible to finalize my project within a short

Best regards,



I just referred you to two separate people that may be interested in a solid constructed home. I gave them your web site information. I am not sure if they will phone you or email you if they desire to after reading your web site. I gave a good recommendation of you.

Their names are :

1. Rick W

2. Bill S

An update on me:

I will be coming to the Philippines very early November and staying about 3 months or longer. I plan on meeting with you in your office in Manila and discussing Phase II. I am awaiting more spanish/mediterranian styles from Nick so I can have a very good idea of what style of home design before I get there.

Best regards

Robert (Bob) H

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